Purchase and Sale Services from Proposal to Closing

Hadley Law Firm LLC provides assistance to buyers and sellers of real estate, specializing in commercial office and retail property. Tim Hadley also assists with residential transactions being completed without brokers or involving terms, title issues, or other features that do not easily fit into the forms and processes used by brokers or require advice brokers cannot provide.

Our Approach

Part of the project management plan for a commercial real estate purchase. 

Regardless of the scale of the transaction, all services begin with a conversation about the prospective client's goals, possible terms, time and money constraints, and risks. Clients often choose different levels of lawyer involvement depending on the scale, type, and risk of the project. If the client wants to use project pricing and the project is relatively predictable in scope, we will evaluate the information then available to develop a scope of services and pricing proposal to discuss.

Project and legal matter management techniques help Tim work with buyer clients to plan and manage due diligence and closing processes, reducing the risk of surprise and helping evaluate and manage those surprises that do arise.

Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Transactions

Most purchase and sale transactions follow a common framework and timeline. However, the business goals of the parties, the nature and history of the property, and financing requirements give each deal unique features. The firm has experience with a wide variety of real estate purchase and sale transactions and has helped clients with purchase and sale projects ranging in scale from office buildings with hundreds of thousands of square feet of floor area to small rural telecommunications facilities.

This firm does not practice in the areas of tax or environmental law, but will coordinate with clients' separate tax practitioners, corporate counsel, and environmental counsel when the deal requires.

Residential Real Estate Transactions in Colorado

Colorado does not require that real estate closings be handled by lawyers, and most residential purchase and sale transactions here close without a lawyer's involvement. However, many buyers and sellers find that they need or want legal advice, especially if there are complex issues affecting the property or the transaction involves higher-value property. Tim has assisted buyers and sellers with complex title questions, mountain residence purchases and sales, high-value residential transactions, and other less common residential transactions, as well as residential transactions being conducted without brokers. It's much better to have a lawyer's advice early in the transaction, preferably beginning with contract negotiation, than to discover you need one shortly before a contract deadline arrives.

Getting Started

If you are looking for a real estate attorney and would like to talk about how Hadley Law Firm LLC can help with your project, please call 720.943.4770. There is no charge for our conversation to discuss whether the firm's services and your needs are a good match.